6 easy tips to improving the security for your home

6 easy tips to improving the security for your home

1. Get a home security alarm system. Your home is 2-3 times less likely to be broken into. A sign out front or decal in the window could deter enough to make a potential burglar find another house to hit – probably one WITHOUT an alarm system. It is essential that when you have an alarm system you actually turn it on and use it.

2. Watch what you put out in the open on trash day. This may seem like a silly thing to do, but imagine you are a potential thief and see a huge box for a flat screen television sitting in front of a home. The burglar has even more incentive to target that home, knowing that the contents are valuable without ever setting foot inside.

3. Use your blinds and shades. Don’t give incentives to peering into your home by robbers. Closing ground-level blinds and shades help keep the home’s contents a mystery.

4. Keep your outside lights on at night. We understand that most of today’s burglaries happen in the daytime but you should still keep the outside of the home lit in the dark hours. If your trying to conserve energy, motion sensor lights are always an option.

5. Lock your door. Statistics show that around 33% of burglaries happen when the robber walks right in through an unlocked door. This could happen even while you are home. We advise to keep your doors locked at ALL times.

6. Don’t leave mail or newspapers to pile up. When you are planning on being away for an extended period, be sure to have someone pick up your mail and newspapers. An overflowing mailbox and stacks of old newspapers is a telling sign to those seeking to rob a home with no residents there.