Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring

Monitoring may increase the value of your security system.

Shutterstock - BusinessBy considering installing a professionally installed security system, you’ve taken the first step toward improving the security of your home or business.

There are essentially two ways a security system can be configured to respond to an alarm. The first is a “local” alarm, in which your system’s horn, siren and/or alarm-connected lights would activate to alert you to an emergency. The second is a “monitored” alarm, in which your security system activates sirens and automatically sends a signal to a central station. An operator at the central station gathers the details about your alarm and calls the appropriate authorities, such as the police or fire department, as pre-arranged by you and your professional security consultant.

In most cases, a monitored security system provides superior protection because it ensures that someone will always know about an alarm – whether or not you are there when it happens. Central stations are staffed around the clock by trained operators.

Monitoring gives you the most value for your investment by helping to ensure that no emergency will go unattended.

Start monitoring your security system for around just $1.00 per day!