Special Offers

alarm installation special

What is included in this offer:

door contacts Three Door Contacts
Most home burglary entries occur through doors, not windows.
motiondetector Electronic Motion Detector
Helps detect movement inside your home
siren Interior Sounder
Helps alert you and your neighbors to an intrusion
wall alarm system LCD Keypad
Arms and disarms system, with panic buttons for emergencies.
Window Decals and Yard Sign
Warns intruders before they attempt to break in.
telephone-line Telephone Connection
Links your system to the monitoring system.
operators Central Station Monitoring
Dispatches emergency personnel when you need them most.
keychain Free Wireless Remote Keychain
Convenience of a car alarm keychain for your home security system


1. You must be a home owner
2. Pass Security Networks Credit Check
3. Have a land line phone or upgrade to a GSM or IP module
4. Sign a 3 year monitoring agreement